Online Video Teletherapy

I offer HIPAA compliant online video therapy with Thera-Link!

You are required to create an account to use this service.

Don't have a Thera-Link account with me?
First, Send your Name, Email Address and Phone Number using the menu tab Appointment Request. Please note in your message you are requesting video sessions. After you send me your request for online video sessions, here is what will happen next to establish your Thera-Link Account:

Your Account

I will send you an email link to invite you to join my practice. You must click the link you receive via email in order to "accept" and create your password. I cannot schedule an appointment with you until you've accepted your invitation and created your account. Be sure to upload a photo of yourself under Settings to personalize the experience!

Your Device

You can use a variety of devices with Thera-Link including a Windows or Apple laptop, an Android tablet or phone, or an iPad or iPhone. Make sure your device has the latest updates to both the operating system and the browser. Chrome or Firefox are the easiest browsers to use on a computer because there's no download needed. You'll need a camera and a microphone in order to be seen and heard.

Your Payment

I will request a payment from you prior to joining your online session. You'll click to join the session and the next screen will prompt for your credit card information as I will set it up on that appointment. Video sessions are $160 per 50 minutes which includes a charge for credit card processing.

Your Documents

You and I will share files back and forth with one another. When a file has been shared with you, you'll receive an email notification to log in and retrieve it. The same is true when you share one with me - I will get an automatic email alert! Some document information must be reviewed, signed and completed and emailed back to me before you can attend ongoing video sessions. I will clarify which ones in the email.

I can only offer video or online sessions to California residents at this time.