"As a practical, interactive, solution-based therapist for the past 25 years, my approach is to provide sensitive support and thoughtful strategies to help my clients resolve both current problems and long-standing patterns.

I am known for my directness, ability to really listen, create safety and use appropriate humor which helps move my clients towards solutions with the shortest time span possible. Joy and spontaneous laughter are definitely part of the process.

Over the years in my Sonoma county practice, I have successfully employed a variety of styles and techniques, BUT...to ensure success, we must create a trusting and authentic relationship...without it, real and lasting change does not occur.
It has been my life's pleasure and calling to help my clients find solutions to a wide range of challenges and psychological issues. I am so grateful to be doing the work I love!

I look forward to working with you." - Patricia Britton MA LMFT

During the COVID-19 Pandemic and beyond, I am offering online video sessions to California residents...let me know if you have interest in scheduling one of these special sessions...just click on the "Online Video Counseling" tab in the menu for further instructions on how to join my telemedicine practice...